Forward Tees

Photo looking down one of the holes on the course.

Forward Tees enhance the golfing experience and improve course playability for many golfers. Even the UGA golf teams use the forward tees to change things up from time to time, making forward tees truly fun for everyone! The tees have been rated by the Georgia State Golf Association and course handicap sheets are posted for players with GHIN handicaps.

Known for its challenging course, forward tees make the course more accessible for all individuals who wish to play golf at the University of Georgia. These tees reduce the most forward tee location at the golf course down to 4,354 yards, which is the ideal yardage for players who hit their tee shots between 150 to 175 yards. Forward tees especially benefit golfers in the winter months when the golf course plays much longer than the rest of the year.

The United States Golf Association and the PGA of America launched the ‘Tee it Forward’ program in 2011 to “help golfers have more fun on the golf course and enhance their overall experience by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities”.