Club Fitting

A set of three images, left, someone at a tee about to hit a ball for the tracking system, middle, a screwdriver adjusting the club head, right, a bunch of Ping clubs available for purchase.

Improve Your Performance with Club Fitting

Get the most out of your game through club fitting at the UGA Golf Course! Fill out this request form or email Clint Udell, PGA Professional. 

Optimize your performance starting today!

Custom Club Fitting at the UGA Golf Course Includes:

  • Access to the latest in club fitting technologies and expertise, with one-on-one appointments to get your best fit and troubleshoot your game
  • Testing all the latest models and brands from Ping & Mizuno
  • Hitting live golf balls at our range, utilizing TrackMan launch monitor technology to get a real-time analysis of your performance using different clubs and fits

Additional Benefits:

  • The fitting fee is $60 per hour and is eligible for loyalty points
  • The UGA club fitting experience creates a long-term relationship between you and our staff
  • Loyalty Points to take your new clubs onto the course
  • Ability to utilize the same technology in the club fitting to yardage gap your clubs as well as determine carry distances